Tableau Basics : Data Types In Tableau Calculations

Tableau supports string, date/datetime, number, and Boolean data types. These data types are automatically handled in the respective fashion.
The data types supported by Tableau are described below.

A sequence of zero or more characters. For example, “Alabama”, “1234”, and “Rahul” are all strings. Strings are recognized by single or double quotes.

Date represents a date value. These generally omit time. When time is also present along with date it is referred to as datetime. Eg of date : January 23, 1972 and an example of datetime would be January 23, 1972 12:32:00 AM

Number : 
Numerical values in Tableau can be either integers or floating-point numbers.

Boolean/Logical : 
A field that contains the values  TRUE or FALSE. An unknown value arises when the result of a comparison is unknown. Unknown booleans are automatically converted to Null.

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